I offer counselling for individuals and couples in a private practice clinic in Oslo. I work with difficulties of varying kinds and severities, including issues with depression, anxiety, self esteem, relationships and meaning or purpose. I work with several other psychologists and psychotherapists and aim at finding the best fit for your needs. 

My therapy is mainly based on Emotion-Focused therapy, but also influenced by a wisdom tradition called the Diamond Approach, as well as training in communication skills. I have a humanistic approach that aims to bring clarity around emotions and needs, explore and integrate difficult experiences, and discover better ways of relating to ourselves and others. 

I originally trained as a physiotherapist, and have since trained as a psychotherapist. Through experience with and training in therapeutic approaches including body psychotherapy, coaching, research-based psychotherapy and spiritual work, I have come to offer what I like to consider down-to-earth therapy that also values our depth. I enjoy assisting people in developing a friendly attitude towards their inner life, exploring their present-moment experience, and finding clarity and resources where there is confusion or frustration. 

I have lived in England and Australia and I´m used to giving sessions in English. My office is in Bygdøy Allé 21 in Oslo, in a nice clinic I share with several other therapists. I also offer sessions via Skype.

To book or enquire, please contact me by email, contact form or phone.

Relevant trainings:
Emotion-Focused Therapy and EFT for couples
Diamond Approach 
Zen Coaching 
Working With People 
Institute for Group Analysis and Group Psychotherapy